Glen T. with his guitar

Glen Tompkins Biography

At the age of 13 I started my first band. I taught myself guitar and piano so I could write songs, but my first instrument in a rock band was drums. I was able to find players for the band, two guitarist, and a piano player but no drummer, so I elected myself the drummer. Those early days started a lifetime of learning different instruments. My favorite instrument is the piano because all the voices are right there, but I mostly play the guitar for live performance. The flute was also an instrument I picked up but it was easy because at 10 years of age I began to play the saxaphone and the flute is very similar. I even studied music formally and have a Bachelor's Degree in Music.

For the last few years I have mostly played solo, except at church where I have been a worship song leader for the last 38 years. Dennis Stafford, who has been my keyboardist at church for the last 4 years, plays with me on occasion at gigs. Dennis is also one of those musicians who plays multiple instruments; piano, guitar, mandolin, recorder etc. Playing for the church has kept my hand in building bands for the contemporary worship style music.

Living in Grand County, Colorado since 1977, I feel inspired on a daily basis by the great beauty of the outdoors. I really enjoy writing and recording songs and the last year in the studio has stretched me past my limits, but I feel that is has made me a better musician. The original songs available to listen to on the Music page were recorded in my home studio. There are layers of voice and instruments, and I am the only one on the recording doing all the instruments and vocals. I hope you enjoy the recordings. Please look for a CD release later this year.

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